Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Birthday "Rides"

CJ and I have decided to get our girl the Push-Around Buggy for her 1st Birthday next month, as when the weather is nice, we are usually out every day several times with the fur kids.
Come to find out, Toys R Us has this toy on sale for $15 off, AND......I just received a "Birthday" coupon in the mail, for another $5 off. Whoot whoot, K's gonna be pimpin' in her new buggy this summer. And.....Nana Di and Papa Dale are getting her the Radio Flyer wagon (complete with sunshade and seat belt). Our girl is going to have a blast this summer! Actually, I think mama is more excited about it all!


kristine said...

Fun fun fun! We have the wagon (no canopy) and Graycen LOVES to ride in it.

The Town Criers said...

Those are so much fun. And they save your back because you don't have to bend over to push them or hurt your shoulders pulled them behind you.

Jennifer Prince said...

We have that for Addie and she loves it. K will love it too!!!


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