Monday, February 18, 2008

A real life Baby!

Keifer was beyond thrilled to be reunited with her pals, Cooper (*1 years old*) and Cameron (*3 years old*) this past Saturday. Our friends were in town, hanging at the Mall of America, and my parents were here. We had a fun time getting together with them, hanging out, swimming, and enjoying watching our babies interact. This is K being reintroduced to Cooper. She was thrilled, as you can see, to meet a "real live baby". LOL. Watch this video clip for the FOLLOW UP - as Cooper crawls away, and Keif shows her future colors as a boy-crazy girl!

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Marketing Mama said...

Very cute! Is that baby much younger than K? From this angle they almost look the same size!

Soupy said...

Cooper is 1! :)
our girl is a BAB! (Big ass baby! LOL)

kristine said...



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