Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quick musings

Just a quick check in to let you know pictures of the weekend are coming. I've been recovering from whatever it is that knocked me out, and it is still lingering. And, not only did my mom also have it, but my dad also was hit hard with it late Sunday night and all day yesterday. He had actually already went home to Duluth, and was planning on coming back to pick up my mom today. Well, he did come to get her, but he isn't feeling good yet. Ahh, the joy. I feel like somebody did a great boxing workout on my stomach, that's how much it hurts right now.

So far, knock on wood, as CJ and Keif have NOT gotten whatever it is that made us so sick. I'm still hoping it was food poisoning and that she remains in the clear.

Yesterday, my mom was reading K a book that showed a choo choo train, and she started making the "chooo chooo, whoot whoot" sounds,and K started imitating her! It was amazing! I swear, my girl blows me away everyday with her new sounds and skills.

Keif is usually able to sleep 10-11 hours a night, but lately, she's been waking up at least 1-2 x a night, and last night, she woke up 3 x! Ugggggg! We wonder if she's teething: she's also been very drooly again lately,and has been beginning to play with her spit, as in blowing spit bubbles, so who knows. We shall see. She still only has the 2 bottom teeth.

Can someone in Hollywood please tell me HOW THE HELL a movie as awful as the Heartbreak Kid got remade into a movie last year? Seriously? Seriously. Mom and I watched this the other night and we were in awe at how just plain old awful it was. Man. What a waste of time.

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