Friday, February 22, 2008

Our Poor Girl: Ears or Teeth?

Our poor girl has been SO restless at night the past few weeks, and we've attributed it to teething pain. We figure with only 2 teefers in her mouth, she's about due for some more to start coming in. Lately she's been very drooly (and appears to thoroughly enjoy playing with her spit, by making spit bubbles). A nice skill to have. But I digress.
Yesterday, when I picked her up at Elaine's, Elaine told me that K has woken up from a super short nap screaming and pulling her ears. I immediately put a call into our doctor's office and was lucky enough to nab the very last appointment they had to offer for this AM.
CJ brought our girl in, and apparently, it's her two upper teeth that are causing her this misery. The Doc referred to her pain as referred pain, and it's very common that babies will pull their ears with teething pain because the mouth and ear nerves are all the same. Poor girl.
From here on out, we're going to have to be consistent with our Motrin.

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DMB ( said...

Poor girl! I hope those things pop through soon. It's funny...DD has had 7 ear infections, and she never pulled at her ears for a single one of them. (In fact, several of them were complete surprises with little to no symptoms.) On the other hand, the ear thing seems to be her teething sign...she doesn't really grab at it, but puts her ear toward her shoulder. Of course, she seems to be stuck at 6 teeth now. She got those all within about a month, and hasn't gotten any new ones in about 4 months!

Hope she's feeling better soon!!


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