Friday, February 01, 2008

Meeting a new baby friend!

Last Saturday, Keifer and I traveled up to Forest Lake to visit my friend, Lori,and her new baby, Isla. Here are some of the pics we got of our babies together. My girl looks like a big BAB monster girl next to little tiny Isla!
Keifer wasn't sure what to think of the baby. She got really excited and kicky about seeing her and really wanted to touch her face. She tried touching her eyes and nose,and when she went in to try to give her an open mouth kiss, like she does with her dolls, she ended up head-butting poor Isla, which sent the poor girl into wails. My big hard headed girl.

Tboy wants to get in on the picture action, much to K's delight
Hee hee, what is this? A baby in my photo shoot?
Ohh, she's got a soft face
Can I touch her head?
awww, I like her, we'll be friends
OK, OK! Enough pics! Roar!
The moms and their girls

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