Monday, January 28, 2008

Some Monday Soup

This weekend was fun. Friday night, we hung out with Keifer girl and just caught up on some shows - Criminal Minds and Nip/Tuck. I sometimes question myself as to why we still subject ourselves to Nip/Tuck, as it has been awful the last few years. But, curiosity always wins us over, and we end up watching and fast forwarding through much of it. Criminal Minds is so smart, but I always get creeped out by it - it makes me scared to be a parent and a woman. *shudder*

Saturday, I got up first with our girl, so I went back to bed after her first nap time and ended up sleeping the morning away, when CJ got up with her the second time. I find that if given the chance to sleep, I will waste full mornings dreaming away. But, it feels so good, how can I NOT? I got up and CJ and I cleaned the house, which desperately needed it. Then, some dinner plans fell through, so I ended up packing up Keif after her afternoon nap and driving 50 minutes north to my friend Lori's, to visit her and her newborn baby girl, Isla, who was born in December. Isla *pronounced "eye- lah"* is just precious. So beautiful, and tiny compared to my BAB, and so perfect. She was also the product of successful IVF, so that warmed my heart. Keifer was over the moon excited to meet the baby (she whispers the "b" sound when I prompt her to say 'baby'), and her little hands and legs were a kickin'. She had her "oh" round face going, and was trying her hardest to touch the baby. Whenever she did, I had to remind her to be 'gentle', and at one point, K went to give Isla a kiss, and ended up giving a good, hard head-butt instead, which of course, had baby crying. Ugg. My big, hard-headed girl.

Yesterday, K spent the day with daddy while mommy ran around doing errands and went out to lunch, and then we did a family walk with the fur kids and K in her stroller. All parties involved were extremely happy: the fur kids were prancing, and K was cooing away. Then we gave K a much needed bath (her hair gets so wild these days,and sticky after eating), and then it was night- night time.

Ahh, the night time. K had an awful night, because a cold hit her head on, and her poor little nose is literally DRIPPING like a faucet. Ugg. It's so bad. Luckily, its clear, but it's constant, and it's all over her upper lip. Whenever I try to wipe it, she goes wild as if I'm hurting her. She was up half the night, not being able to breathe, and then getting stuck on her tummy in the midst of her rolling around her crib. It was a sleep-less night for all. Daddy stayed home with her today, as he can sometimes work from home, and apparently she is a happy camper, just congested and drippy.

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