Sunday, February 10, 2008

A golden month: 10 months old on the 10th!

Happy ten months to our angel girl, K, today. Wow. Incredible. Just insane to even know that in 2 months she'll be a whole year old. I have been peeking back at pictures of my belly, and its so crazy to me that I had her inside me last year at this time, growing like a weed, making me huge and ungainly.

We love our girl so much. She's been chattering away, as usual, and the past few days she's starting talking in gibberish to herself quite frequently. It's so funny to listen to her. She continues to love the puppers (well, Tboy, Sass is OK from a distance to laugh at, not so much fun when she's attacking her with kisses), and K's one mission in life is to crawl and steal the nylabones from the puppy toys.

Alex continues to be her boyfriend at daycare, and on Friday, the sub provider told me she felt like Alex is Keifer's little "protector" *sigh*. She loves kids, and when we're out in public and she sees kids, she lights up and says "hi" to them, even if they don't hear her. When I leave her with Elaine each day, she is usually beaming a big cheese grin, ready to play play play.

She loves her music and dancing, and clapping. She loves when mama picks her up to dance with. She also loves to eat most days. Her new favorite is broccoli (in very small pieces), and she loves mandarin oranges and turkey (organic) from the deli. Because of her pooping issues, we've been limiting the carbs, but she'd gobble down bread everyday, all day, if we let her.

Our photo shoots are becoming more and more difficult as our girl is a girl on the GO GO GO, and she is fascinated by the age signs. Funny enough, she didn't take down this month's sign, but she sure wanted to get off the chair. Mama was sweating by the time this month's montage was finished. Enjoy!

HA! You want me to sit still? NEVER!
Patty cake helps keep me still for a second
I see something and I want down!
OK, I'll slide down and smile
Like my buddha belly? My new trick of sticking out my tongue at you


Ahuva Batya said...

She is such a bubbly bundle of joy! Happy 10 months, little one! She is beautiful.

Wendy & Karen said...

I can't get over how beautiful she is!!! I love the hair bow. Happy Birthday little girl and congratulations Mom and Dad.

kristine said...

she is going to be such a heartbreaker!

littleangelkisses said...

Gosh Carrie, I just adore her smile!


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