Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Fur Kids' Fun at Home

Treble and Sage have been SO good with K, as she's been growing and beginning to be on the move. We are so happy that Treble is handling her so well, although we do know he is an animal and we don't leave either of the pups alone with K, not knowing what may happen. K's favorite toy to crawl after everyday is one of the pupper's nylabones, which of course, are all chewed up and rough on their edges. She manages to find these bones everywhere we go. She will be sitting in one area of the living room and suddenly, a nylabone will magically appear in her hands. She thinks its they are all fun and games. When Treble is gnawing happily on a bone (and I say happily, because when he is happy and we arrive home, or he is happy we are all together, he gnaws on the bone), K will begin her stealth crawling to attempt to steal his bone. So far, no snipping or barking; he will just get up and leave the area and gnaw on his bone somewhere else. Of course, K will then rearrange her body and manage to follow him, as he is typically not far from his original position. Aww, the fun we have.

Here's Tboy the other AM, trying hard but not quite managing to get away from his baby girl. LOL.

And this is me, collapsing after the Kickboxing class the other night, only to be pampered and have my face cleaned of all its salty sweat by my bed partner, and cuddle buddy, Sassy Sage.

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