Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Keifer & Alex, sitting in a tree....

...K I S S I N G!
Well, no, not kissing, but hugging!
There is a little guy at K's daycare - Alex - who is around 19 months or so. He just loves K. When we arrive, he will rush to the door to greet us and usually wraps himself around my legs in a greeting for K. Sometimes he'll assist me in trying to help take her hat off.

This AM, I came through the door, and Alex came over, ready for a hug. I crouched down, with my BAB girl in my arms, and Alex pointed at her and leaned in for a nice, big hug. He was hugging K, with her face over his shoulder opposite me, so I could see her little round moon face just beaming with joy. She had the biggest cheese grin, and out of no where she said, "hi", nice and loud for all to hear. Elaine and I laughed and laughed and I commented that I wish I had my camera for moments like that. *sigh*. What a wonderful way to start the day. Lucky girl, K: Alex is adorable!

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