Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our hungry, hungry girl

I usually hear about how most people's babies don't like foods with texture - or a lot of them have trouble incorporating chunks into their diet once they are old enough to have them. Not our girl. She actually PREFERS food that has texture and chunks. In fact, she isn't too keen on plain old baby food anymore. Oh, no. We have to share our people food with her, and watch her eat it up like a ravenous piggie. Lately, I've been giving her Earth's Best #3 foods, that incorporate that texture that she seems to crave. We have found that she LOVES the spaghetti, and tonight, she almost ate the whole jar of Tender Chicken and Stars. She even has the sounds of pleasure down pat: "mmmmmmm". What a hoot. That's our big girl - eating like there's no tomorrow. We are truly lucky.

I usually try to give her organic foods when I can, because I'm not so sure about all the additives and things that go into our foods. Of course, I need to start eating more organically for MYSELF, but for now, my girl is #1, and I'm going to try my darnedest to keep it pretty clean. I've found that Earth's Best is pretty reasonable, has a great variety, and I can usually find coupons for them in my American Baby magazine or on their boxes.

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