Friday, January 18, 2008

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr: Baby, it's cold outside, and other chatter

No, not our TEETH chattering.........just soupbowl dish. Get it? "Chatter". Ha ha.

It is freaking FREEZING out in MN right now- the warmest part of the day was at 8 AM and it was supposed to get colder as the day goes on This weekend, the wind chill will be far below zero, and in Duluth, where I'm from and my family lives, it's supposed to be -60 below wind chills! *(GASP)*. When I crawled into bed last night, I was cursing myself for NOT putting on our flannel sheets - I love them. I had on my flannel PJs, my slipper socks, and ended up having to put on my Cuddle Duds (thin long underwear) under THAT just to get warm enough to sleep! I'm usually a cold baby, but I've never had to do that. I'm wondering if the King Size bed and lack of CJ's body warmth (he's not a cuddle bug like me) has to do with my need for more layers. Sager is always pressed up against me, under many layers, but she is only 11 pounds of heat, I need MORE than that to warm me up. Oye.

We are meeting tomorrow with our potential egg donor #2, as stated before. She is nervous, and I have to admit, I am too. My heart is starting to race, a little more of a frantic pace than usual, but I know its just excitement more than actual nerves. EA#2 (Egg Angel 2) has told me she feels like she is waiting to be asked to the Prom tomorrow when we come over. LOL. She apparently talked to the highly unorganized schedule coordinator at our clinic this AM; FINALLY. *hurmpf*. I think she passed the tests, especially when she was able to answer that "NO", she has not been offered money or drugs for sex, and "NO", she has not offered anybody money or drugs for sex. Ahhhhh, the hurdles to jump. *it is good to know I won't be possibly using someone who would let their body be violated in that manner* (*Snort*).

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