Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tough love

My mom and dad were down Thursday night until yesterday afternoon, watching K for us as we didn't have daycare on Friday. They all had a blast and Keifer was a non-stop talking machine for her Papa and Nana. When I got home after work on Friday, she greeted me with her wave and her "hi", and I was told that she greeted her grandparents with her "hi" pretty much whenever either of them came back into the room after leaving. That's our social butterfly.

K loves to laugh, and will giggle her cute little giggle just about every few minutes when she's playing. She loves to play in her Fisher Price Laugh and Learn kitchen, and her favorite thing to do is open and close the fridge - which makes the music come on, to which she dances and claps her little body to. It's hilarious. I am a proud mommy.

When Nana was putting K to bed on Friday night, K went in to give her Grandma a big ol' huggie love/open mouth kiss. Well, her giant Soupy head banged right into Nana's upper lip and managed to give her a fat lip. That is some true tough love. Our girl likes to bang her head on things (is it because of all the rockin' and rollin' mommy did when she was in utero?).

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