Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Soupy Christmas

Whoa, this is so cool!
What are these shiny things?
Can I touch them?
Ha, I can, and I can show you some more of my TONGUE, too!
I took off this fun thing!
Chilling with my mama, learning about my new toy
Like my new hat?
Big cousin Abbers shows K how the ripping is done
Abb got a new pink guitar
Two little Elves?
We are family
Ha ha, Treble, you should've been there!

1 comment:

Jonathon said...

I just love Keifer.

Not sure if you have time for a mommy message board at this point (or if you already belong to a ton of them) but I have gotten endless support from the women on this one:

-Two Lines On a Stick


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