Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Auntie Katie visited today

Mommy's longtime friend, Katie Jo, visited today. She hasn't seen K since June, and it was a fun afternoon eating out together and sharing stories (however unexciting they seem to be these days! LOL). She thinks K is one HAPPY girl! We love and miss you mucho, Auntie Katie!
Ripping off bear's paw in my book - Oops!
The girls
Carrie Lynn & Katie Jo: Longtime friends
Now :
And then: (wow, what a difference 2 1/2 years can make!)

This is one of my fave pics: getting ready to go rock it at a tent party! LOL. I just like the set up of us and the puppers. And I'm also in awe that I once was that skinny (HA!)

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