Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Far away friends & family come to see Keifer

Keifer was a lucky girl this weekend - she got to see her Papa Jim and Nana Marge, as well as go visit her Auntie Jill, Uncle Corey and cousins, Abby and Mason. Then, Saturday night until Sunday afternoon, Mommy's friend Katie Jo visited and stayed the night! Keifer got an over abundance of love! What a lucky girl!
If you'd like to see Keifer visiting with her Nana, and see Nana & Mommy giving her a bath, you can click here for our dropshots video clips! Enjoy our VERY happy girl!
Nana is a great reader!Papa loves me (and says I have strong hands!)
Auntie Katie gets in on the feeding right away and does a great job, according to our Miss K.

Just because....our big girl trying to pull on her toys (well, Daddy put her hand up there, but she HAS been known to bat at them accidently lately. These are the animals she "talks" to while I shower and put her in this chair!

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Piccinigirl said...

Keifer everyone loves you!!!! and you are seriously getting more beautiful every day. :)


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