Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Pages, Christmas Pages

Whew, it's hard to believe its all over. The hustle and bustle of Christmas. It felt like it was here and gone in a flash. Keifer had no idea what was going on, but we all sure had fun spoiling her. CJ and I packed the kids and the SUV up and took off for our Christmas Eve celebration on Monday AM, but the snow (and subsequent accidents) slowed us down, so we were late. But that didn't mean the food wasn't wonderful and it was fun to see my mom's family. There seemed to be an empty hole throughout the whole day, especially since we were in a room down the hall from my Papa and Grandma's Assisted living home - the Grandma that just passed away. So it seemed quieter than usual, as expected as it was. We then went home and did our family celebration, and Keifer didn't seem all that enthused, except when she had holiday wrapping paper, gift tags, and gift bags to chew on. LOL. Next year, I predict a bigger reaction.

Here she is with her Papa reading to her and cousin AubrieAubrie and Keifer, both not too interested in posing for us
Our family picture minus the fur kids this year. Seems like it was just this, (from last year) and now, here she is! Me and my look alike cousin, Becky (Aubrie's mommy)
Keifer was enthralled with her Uncle Darren's facial hair
See? Tags and bags! LOL
One of K's new gifts was a stuffed doggie with a detachable wig! She gave us all a good laugh! Do you see a future party girl? Uh oh!
Cuddling with Great-Auntie Jeanne (and digging the snowmen on her sweater)
K was a bit confused when her Great-Uncle Danny had her - he is a clone of her Papa, but he has facial hair
Cheese grin: she loves her new Laugh and Learn Kitchen (even though she can only reach the roller thingie so far)
That's all for now. We have a million pictures, but that was a good sampling!

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