Friday, December 28, 2007

Side sleeper

Our girl has become a side sleeper - not by choice, I don't think, but by circumstance. Because she is so roly-poly in her crib now, I think she just happens to fall asleep, be it on her side or sometimes on her tummy, with her little face squished against the mattress (freaking daddy out, but making mama smile). Hey, whatever works! What I can't figure out is how the hell she manages to turn around completely every morning, with her head where her feet are when she goes to bed? She is a Houdini, I swear! At least *knock on wood* we don't have to worry about her climbing up just yet! I'm sure that will bring another new set of headaches with it! HA!'s our Princess helping out her daddy the other day - holding the hangers for him to hang up his clean clothes! She's already a super helper! LOL

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kristine said...

I just had to say - Graycen used to wake up at the foot of her bed also. How she got there is she would kick her legs and wiggle - everytime she did this it scooched her a little more. it's amazing all they do while sleeping.


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