Sunday, November 18, 2007


And..........she's over! Onto her side. Giggling like the maniac that she is becoming.

Our big girl is starting to get a little stronger and sitting up on her own for more than a few seconds at a time. We've found the Boppy pillow helps support her; that is, until she decides to lean over and reach for something that's caught her eye. And.....she's over. (*TIM-BEEEEEEERRRRRRRR*) And as you can see, Sager loves the opportunity to sneak in just a FEW more snicky licks to her favorite, tasty baby.


We've packed the Bumbo up, as she was starting to fall out of it (and no, it wasn't dangerous falling, we always were with her watching, and had pillows around her if she were to tip a bit). It's sad to pack up things our girl has been using. The swing also got packed up today, along with the awesome mobile from her crib, and it breaks my heart just a little bit to have to say goodbye to these symbolic treasures of ours. I only hope and pray we're able to use them again someday soon.

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