Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mommy's day out

That was the sigh of mommy returning to her home away from home yesterday. The movie theater. Ahhh, the grimy, sticky-floored, popcorn smelling, Coke guzzling, crowded movie theater. I LOVE IT. Yes, I go alone to movies; quite often, in fact. I enjoy it, although it takes some people aback that I love to go to the movies alone. Before Keifer, on football Sunday, I'd go all by myself to many movies, and when it came time to rent a DVD at home, there were very few I hadn't seen.

The last movie CJ and I went to was last month, "Michael Clayton", which we both really enjoyed. There have been a slew of new releases since then that I 've been really wanting to see, but as the new baby can do, we haven't had time to go. So I made a deal with CJ - I'd take my Saturday "mommy time" and go see a "girlie" movie, one that he doesn't want to see. And, I wanted to stay somewhat close to home. I decided on "Lars and the Real Girl" with Ryan Gosling, whom I think is a fanfrickintastic actor. It was just showing at the theater 5 minutes from our house last weekend. Alas, it was not meant to be for me to see that. It had already left, and was showing at theater too far away for me to drive to today.

I asked CJ is he'd give me the approval to go see "Gone, Baby, Gone', with Casey Affleck, Ed Harris, and Morgan Freeman. I read the book by Dennis Lehane years ago (in my "read everything by Dennis Lehane" kick I went on, after seeing and reading "Mystic River", another fantastic adaptation from book to screen). He gave me the approval, which was important, because with movies we both want to see, we try to save for DVD if we can't make it to the theater.

I'm so glad I went. I snuck in my Coke, icy cold, and my little water. I purchased my small popcorn with just a little bit of butter, and I sank into the dirty chair, and snuggled in for 2 hours. It was very well done, and I give Ben Affleck props for doing it (the actor turned director of the movie). However, my heart was heavy with the topic of the film, which was a missing child, as it seems to do with any movie or TV show lately that involves missing or murdered children. Watching "Criminal Minds" the other night had me sobbing into Treble's fur. (*sigh)*.

Afterwards, I spent another hour browsing kid's books, my other secret bliss, and ended up walking out of that store with 2 bags brimming with gifts, and maybe one or two for our angel girl (of course).

What a fun day for mommy's day out.

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Emilie said...

Ahh, that sounds wonderful! I should go see movies by myself more often - Steve always says I should. The last one I saw was "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" last summer." Fun.

Oh - and I cannot watch anything involving missing or murdered children anymore. It just breaks my heart in a whole new way.


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