Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy 4th Anniversary to CJ and me!

Happy 4th wedding Anniversary to me and CJ.

Four years ago today we were joined together as "husband and wife", and I started my life as "Soupy" girl.

Here is an excellent recap of our wedding day - which I wrote last year on our anniversary.

Things are quite emotional for us right now with my Grandma....she is still in ICU. I will write more later about our time up there, but for now, CJ and I are enjoying our night together. We had a yummy dinner out, while Nana Marge and Papa babysat for us.

Four years went by in the blink of an eye. Here's to many more good years ahead of us.


cynner said...

You look absolutely beautiful in your wedding dress. Those are gorgeous pictures. Happy Anniversary to you both!

Emilie said...

Oh, Carrie, what a beautiful bride you were. I am all teary-eyed looking at these pictures. Isn't it kind of amazing to think that back then, you had no idea what was ahead of you in terms of fertility stuff. We were still so innocent ... lol!

Happy anniversary to you and Chris!

Wendy & Karen said...

Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing your wedding photos. I agree with the other commenters, you were a beautiful bride!

I hope you have many, many more happily married years.


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