Thursday, November 22, 2007

A last trip to say Goodbye

CJ and I are packing up tonight- my Grandma Gina is not doing well. We got the call from my mom tonight that she is in ICU and on oxygen only at this point; we are leaving in the AM straight away when Keifer gets up and we'll go to say our goodbyes.
Please keep our family in your prayers this holiday weekend. Thanksgiving is turning into a sad holiday memory for us: 3 years ago, we spent Thanksgiving day in the hospice, saying goodbye to my Uncle Don as he succumbed to his cancer. This year, it appears we'll be saying goodbye to my wonderful Grandma.
She asked about Keifer tonight, so we'll be taking our girl to see her. Hopefully she'll realize we're there.


Jonathon said...

Big hugs to you. I just said a prayer for your grandma and for your trip. I am so sorry this is happening. But I am also thankful that your grandma got to know Keifer.

-twolinesonastick, always signed in as someone different on here :)

Kerry said...

It breaks my heart to read this. What a gift that your Grandma was able to see you live on in Keifer. I will pray for you.

Emilie said...

Carrie ... I'm thinking of you and sending my prayers.


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