Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy Anniversary to CJ and I : Part 2

Three years ago, on Monday, November 24, 2003, my best friend (CJ, of course) and I were married on the beach on Captiva Island, Florida. We were married in front of 30 family members (and some friends), and my mom's cousin Bruce officiated the wedding. It was the most memorable and special day of my life - so far! We had perfect weather - the sun was shining (right up until the pictures, of course!), it was warm out, with a slight breeze, my cousin Becky was my maid of honor, and CJ's brother Corey was his best man. Our parents were there, and we were also blessed by the presence of some family members who are no longer with us - Uncle Don, who passed away 2 years ago of cancer, and Great-Aunt Norma, who passed away last year. We have wonderful memories of our weekend spent at the Tween Waters Inn, and the people we spent it with.

I remember the flowers made me cry: they were exactly what I had envisioned I would be carrying; the cake was perfect and delicious, and the food (a tropical buffet) was to die for. We had a saxophone player for our music, and it was also his anniversary: he stopped at our wedding and played for an hour before his wife and he celebrated THEIR wedding anniversary. The breeze on the beach kept making me trip over my dress and crinoline -- the dress kept blowing between my legs, and watching the video, you can see I'm laughing with my dad, struggling to keep my dress flat so I can walk down the carpeted aisle to CJ.
We of course, had our emotional moments, like when my kooky hair stylist/make up artist "Charles" had us all behind schedule and insisted on fixing me last, when I had zero time to spare; the tears I shed after blowing up at my brother's then girlfriend, who almost ruined the weekend for us; and the love we all felt - with both sets of parents and siblings, and cousins, and significant others, and relatives we rarely get to see - who flew in just to witness our vows. After our delicious dinner, and memorable toasts, we all headed to the lounge ("the Crow's Nest!") to interact in the "NasCrab" races, which is a comedy show/mini-crab race. Words cannot describe the fun that this activity can give - I just remember laughing until I cried! I can't wait to go back to that beach hopefully soon, and play my memories over in my head.

Here are some pictures from that day, 3 years ago: our ceremony, our family, the crab races, CJ and I on our honeymoon at Disney World, and the final picture: CJ and I on November 24, 2006, three years after our wedding, with Keifer Lynn in my belly.

with our attendants, Becky & Corey
Twirling like a princess (for video reasons, LOL)
Surrounded by family and friends, crab racing!
Honeymooning at Disney World

3 years later: happy and PG with Keifer Lynn, 21 weeks!

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Laura said...

Happy Anniversary, Carrie and Chris!!!


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