Tuesday, October 09, 2007

There's just nothing like a good book

Mama got home and gave Keifer 2 new awesome books - from Walmart! They are "ghost" books and as soon as I got them out of my suitcase, she gave me a huge grin and started kicking like crazy in her Big Girl Bumbo seat!
I gave her the books and she immediately took them in her hands, knowing just how to hold them. After scratching her fingers up a bit to lift the pages, she immediately started problem solving to try and figure out just how exactly she was going to get this to her mouth to chew on. I solved that problem by giving her an actual board book for her book chewing enjoyment.
Afterwards, Sassy Sager gave her a lick, as if to say, "I like you up on the bed by me, Sissy".

Here she is, watching mama unpack her suitcase and voila: a new book! Pure joy!
Hmm, let me try to read this really fast
This book is scrumptious!
Sassy Sager and her infamous snicky licks
Later that evening, we took out her puppy hat for a stroll through the neighborhood - unfortunately, the size 6-12 barely fits her melon head, so this hat will be no more in just a bit.....

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