Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy "Half a year" Birthday - 6 months old!

SERIOUSLY?????????? Seriously! My baby girl is 6 months old today (well, tonight), but still....where the hell did the time GO?!? It went by in the blink of an eye. I feel like it is going too damn fast, and I wish I could stop time for just a little bit so I could savor each and every moment with her just a little longer. *sniff sniff*

Our girl is growing by leaps and bounds. She is chattering away, making new sounds every day. Her new favorite thing to do is screech - like almost screaming, in a sing song type way. She loves to dinosaur ROAR still, but she's also adding in lots of new sounds - such as the "mmm's" and the "ggggga ga ga ga's", and the beginning of the "dddd" sounds. She loves to make her old man face (suck on her lips), and is beginning to click her tongue. Elaine (daycare provider) told us yesterday Keifer twisted her lips into an S formation. LOL. She is a hoot - I swear, she is initiating conversations with us already! All you have to do is just look at her, and she lights up and will start vocalizing.

Keif just love love loves her books, and loves to be sung to, or listen to music. She will literally stop what she is doing and turn herself towards the music. She has not watched any TV designed for babies yet, but if the TV is on, she is mesmerized by it. Its fun to watch her take her books in her hands, the correct way, and start scratching at the pages, as if to flip them.
In the eating department, we've started giving her some carrots this week along with her cereal, and will introduce some new veggies this week. She loves to eat. At first, she was unsure of the whole eating thing, but now, she can't get it fast enough. It's hilarious, too, because she literally makes the "mmmmm" (as in "mmm, good") sounds when she is eating, and LOUDLY makes them! LOL. Mommy and daddy are both working on the "more" sign in sign language, so it'll be interesting to see if she catches on to that.

Changing Keifer's diaper has turned into a wiggle contest for herself. She is always on the move, wiggling to touch this or that, and its an Olympic event just to get her wiped up, pasted up, and re-clothed. She also is obsessed (!) with touching her private parts - and not just touching them gently. Oh, no. Our girl is GRABBING herself with all her might, and its a constant game almost to keep her hands away from down below. And, in an attempt to be politically correct, I will say, "oh, you are touching your vagina", but then I have to keep saying it over, and over, and over, so then it becomes hilarious to me. Ahhh, fun stuff. LOL.

She is content to stay on her back, but is flipping over on occasion - no consistent rolling. I blame that on (the lack of rolling) on her size. Keif is wearing 12 months sized clothes, and they are none too big on her. She isn't able to support herself yet in the sitting position, but is strong in her Bumbo chair, and in her jumper that she loves so much. Oh, and she is fine on her tummy now - as in, she isn't protesting it. One day at daycare, I picked her up and she was sleeping on the activity mat on her tummy for the first time ever. It was funny for me to see: I actually wondered if this was MY baby sleeping on her tummy?

Taking her picture is a lot of fun; she knows the camera (I swear!). She will see it and stop what she is doing and immediately start smiling. Geesh, do we have a performer on our hands already? Notice the barrette- I attempted to get it in her hair (aka her duck fleece), but its so fine that it stayed in for a maximum of 2. 2 seconds. LOL.

Ha, ha, that's a real knee-slapper, mama

OK, enough of this, how do I get outta here?

Maybe if I just flip my legs up.....
..or turn my body over.....
or start tossing the pillow to the side....
..and maybe I'll be able to get out of this chair!


Jonathon said...

Awww, I just love her... but it makes me sad that our girls are growing up so fast :( Where is the time going? It just seems to be flying by. I laughed about quite a few things in your post. The grabbing of the privates- sometimes I think Bailey is going to completely mangle hers. She's not very gentle, either. And the duck fleece hair- we have that going on here too. And I almost got her that outfit that Keifer is wearing. Ohhhh why do they grow so fast...

-two lines on a stick

Laura said...

6 months already? Oh, my!

Keifer is such a healthy, happy, and smart little girl. I LOVE the "smile" shirt b/c it suits her so well.

Great update!

Jennifer Prince said...

Yay! Happy 6 months, K! You are such a pretty, happy little girl. I love watching you grow :)

Emilie said...

Aww, I can't believe it's been six months already! She's starting to look like such a *little girl*! Happy half-birthday Keifer!


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