Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm back!

I'm back! Charleston came and went in a blur! It was so much fun - and I got lots of rest. I'll have pictures of the wedding, and my handsome cousin later - I left my camera at home (for CJ to send me dropshots of our girl), and we used my dad's camera. My parents are continuing their vacation by exploring parts of Virginia right now, so those will be later.
I missed my girl, my puppers, and my hubby like crazy - but - I treasured the sleep (in the huge, king sized bed) so much! I was (and still am) fighting the 'crud' that is going around - it seems as though every October I get this "crud" - its in my head, my nose, my itchy, scratchy throat. Ahh, the joy of being a teacher, huh? I went through a tube of that "Airborne" stuff, and it seemed to hold it all at bay - no huge attacks. But flying on those super dry airplanes, and sleeping in the over-air conditioned room did not help. I tried to drink a lot of water.
The weather was like a sauna - I honestly don't know how people who live there deal with it. It was like taking a bath on Saturday (the wedding day). The humidity is awful! The wedding was held at a country club/golf course, and I'm glad the ceremony was short (it was
outdoors!) - we were all dripping with sweat. But it was absolutely gorgeous, and the reception/dinner/dance (with a live band) was a blast. I got to shake my booty like crazy with my cousins and their family and friends. Lots of good times!
Friday, the day before the wedding, I met up with my friend Paolo for lunch. Ahh, Paolo, I've missed you! He is the greatest guy, and I'm excited to share some of his music he produces/makes with you eventually!
Sunday, my parents and my Uncle Danny spent exploring Sullivan's Island and Fort Moultrie, and then downtown Charleston. It was very interesting, and I have to say, I honestly got a bit spooked exploring different rooms in the Fort; for example, where they stored the gun powder. I felt like I was going to be spooked by a ghost! But later, I got my crab legs and my she-crab soup and was a happy camper! Yum! We explored some of the waterfront park and the market, but my mom has a hard time in the super hot weather, so we cut it short, and then gorged ourselves again at a restaurant that night with my other uncle and aunt,and cousin (the groom's parents/sister).
CJ and his parents took good care of our kids (human and fur). We called each other often. Apparently, Miss Keifer did NOT want to sleep for naps or during the whole night, like she's been doing. But guess what she did when I came home? Napped AND slept through the entire night. I'm glad she missed me. LOL. It was the sweetest reunion. I got in the car, to the explosion and attack of puppy kisses all over. When my girl saw me, she lit up like a light, and smiled and cooed to me the whole 25 minute drive home from the airport. She even giggled her belly laugh whenever I leaned in next to her. Yes, she was happy her mama was home. My heart was once again won over.
Pics to follow later..............

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