Friday, October 19, 2007

Charleston Pictures

It's hard to believe that it's been 2 weeks already since I was in Charleston for my cousin John's wedding (*Johnny Bobo to us*). What a beautiful wedding day; a beautiful bride, a handsome, sweet (softy!) groom, and a fun-loving family. Anyhoo, my dad took all the pictures of that day, so here are a few of them for anyone who is interested. It was HOT HOT HOT out - so it's hilarious to me to see the "fall" of my hair -from pouffey and styled early in the day, to slick with sweat, limp, and sticking to my head that same night. Yes, 95 degree heat and 100% humidity will do that to me. *sigh*. And looking back now, the new shirt I bought, which is a blousy, empire style: well, it makes me/made me look like I'm still PG, so definitely I would NOT wear this in pictures again.
However, on the bright side, I had a fabulous time, and the wedding was something that will be a memory forever, so I'm so glad I had a chance to go and spend time with my family and be there for Johnny Bobo and his beautiful new bride, Kristen. Its always sad to me to go somewhere on a vacation and have to come home to reality and real life (aka work). The bright side to coming home THIS time was being able to come home to my precious angel girl, her daddy and my fur kids.

My mom and I pre-wedding outside the country club
My family (on my dad's side) minus the new bride, Kristen, and my CJ and Keifer (and no Grandma :(
Uncle Johnny and Austin
Sealing the deal with a kiss Dad & Mom (Dale & Di)
Uncle Danny and I (can you say CLONE to my dad? LOL)My cousins, Lori, and John aka the Groom
I love this one of Lori and John rocking out ( the 'in action' shot) to the band (dancing was so fun!)
Visiting Fort Moultrie Uncle Danny, Mom, & Me

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