Friday, October 19, 2007

K is for Keifer - 6 month pictures

We had Keifer's Six Month pictures taken today at Sears - it was our first experience with a "portrait" studio. It went extremely well for us; meaning Keifer's photo shoot. However, we were supposed to have her picture taken with cousin Aubrie - the girls had their matching "K is for Keifer" and "A is for Aubrie" T-Shirts on, matching skirts, matching tights, and matching brown shoes. All went well with Keifer's pictures, but once Aubrie was asked to join her, her poor little 2 year old anxiety kicked in. The dam burst when the girls were asked to lay side by side on the ground and Keifer reached over and grabbed a chunk of Aubrie's hair in her fist. After that, there was no negotiating with Aubrie and the pictures were done for her. We all felt so awful for her. *sad face* However, we were lucky that we managed to get some good pictures of our big girl, and here are copies of what we ended up with. They look a bit blurry, but you get the idea. And don't you think her hair is looking a bit more like it has RED in it?? LOL. I think so!

These last 2 are the ones we ended up ordering in different sizes and wallets


Laura said...

The pics turned out great!!

kristine said...

A is for ADORABLE!!!


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