Friday, September 21, 2007

Who ARE these people?

Holy crap, who ARE these people?
I was just skimming through my work computer's picture folder, and found this picture from August, 2003, when I made my first (and only, so far) trip to Sturgis with my then-fiance, Chris, and my future In-law's, Marge and Jim.
I want to almost CRY when I look at how skinny I was; those jeans would never fit me ever again in a million years, and I was working out hard-core then. Wow. Just wow. But look at how hot my main man is! *cat whistles*. And yes, I have some very cool in-laws! What other MIL do you know who accompanies her man to Sturgis and stays out partying with her adult son and daughter-in -law? LOL.

Ahh, memories.

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