Friday, September 21, 2007

Mama's gettin' a new set of wheels!


Actually, WE are getting a new car tonight - we're picking it up and trading in our old car, but mama gets to drive it.

We are trading in our 1996 Toyota Camry *(sniff, my baby)*, because years of driving have put MANY miles on it and it would be a pretty penny just to fix it up. It was a hard decision, but in the end, it'll make much more sense to get a new car, and the payments won't be TOO bad, as we decided to lease it. It was really nice not to have to worry about a car payment, *sigh*, but we got the new 2008 Camry for a REALLY good deal, and now mama and Keifer are going to be driving in the ultimate safe car.
We went a few weeks ago and test drove it; it was not a hard decision, per say, we decided overall we'd go with a reputable brand, and a 'good' car that we hope to have for another LONG period of time, and Toyota just won out. I loved my Camry and took care of it like it was my baby. CJ has recently been driving it (after I became PG and had Keifer) for safety reasons (it is older and our SUV has more safety features). And yes, we got it in this beautiful red (guess I better stick to the speed limit, huh? *blush*).
Keifer is also going to enjoy cruising with mama in her new car, because she is ALSO getting something new: her new convertible car seat! Our girl is HUGE - translation: mama can't lift her snug-ride anymore, and her legs are about hanging over the edge. So we're installing the new car seat in the Camry and we'll all be set for hopefully awhile!
I'm also bringing my wedding ring/band in tonight to a jeweler to get it resized. I am sad because I haven't been able to wear my beautiful engagement ring/wedding band since last November, due to the PG and swelling, etc., and I'm STILL wearing my $20 fake cubic z. wedding band. However, the fake ring is sliding off my finger, but my real wedding ring won't go past my knuckle *sigh again*, so I'm hoping it'll be resized in no time and I can feel like a truly married woman again. LOL.

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