Sunday, September 02, 2007

Let the highchair adventures begin!

Mommy and Daddy: get your cleaning wipes ready: Keifer Lynn is IN her high chair! Ha!

At our 4 month check up with Keif, the Pediatrician told us to start solids with her when she is 6 months old. We haven't introduced her to anything resembling food for her, but she is beginning to watch us a bit more when we eat, and I read somewhere that its a good idea to introduce your child to the table before she starts solids, just to begin to adjust to sitting there for meal times. So, this AM, daddy broke out our highchair from its storage in the garage, and we put it together. Yay! Our big girl looks so TINY in the chair! She seemed very curious and intrigued as to WHAT what she doing in this thing. She also was very excited, and once I put a new "table top" toy down in front of her, she was a happy, cooing, giggly girl.

Wish us luck in this chair - as it represents a whole new frontier: eating! I'm sure soon enough, I'll be sharing pics of an EXTREMELY messy Keifer!


Kristine said...

very cute! I remember those early days in the high chair. it is all so much fun!

cynner said...

She is such a DOLL! Love these pics, Carrie.


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