Sunday, September 02, 2007

Don't forget our Dropshots!

Hey, don't forget our Dropshots link, which I have posted on my side bar:


We are always uploading new video clips of Keifer (and the fur kids, of course) so get your "reel life" fix there! *hee hee, get it? "reel" life? like movie reel........yes, I'm a geek*

The latest clip is a gut-buster! I play it over and over and over again to re-watch it. It's Keifer Lynn, after her 4th day of daycare, happy as a clam on daddy's lap. She is laughing her little bottom off, and it's very infectious! Enjoy!


Wendy & Karen said...

Love the laughing video!

Kristine said...

Graycen and I *LOVE* watching the videos! Graycen smiles, talks, yells, gets excited when we watch your videos. I think she really likes Keifer


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