Monday, September 03, 2007

We went to the Dog Park where it was HOT HOT HOT

Sage & Tboy wanted to remind you that THEY are important members of this family, too!

Whew. Hot hot hot out this weekend. This lovely, long, 4 - day weekend.
Mommy and Daddy loaded up the Envoy yesterday, and we went to the doggie park, where the fur kids have the time of their lives running, running, running, and sniffing, sniffing, sniffing. And oh yeah, peeing on every bush they come across. Sager is funny; when she pees, she sometimes tries to lift her back legs off the ground, almost like a boy doggie. We figure it is because she watches Treble like a hawk and monkey-see, monkey-do. She loves him so, so why wouldn't she try to pee like him, too? LOL.

We let Treble frolic in the water at the dog park. They have it behind a fence, thank goodness, and we let the kids get all wet and muddy when we figure they need a good bath. Plus, it was so hot out, so it's a nice way to cool off. Treble is SO funny when he gets into the water. He dips his head into the water, like he's rubbing it on the water, or something, and then he does this happy dance thing, we like to say he's frolicking. Sassy gets extremely PISSED OFF at him; why, we don't know for sure. We figure its because he is having a lot of fun and it doesn't involve her? You can see them having their spats in the water, and frolicking, and then Sassy running like a crazy girl here: CLICK HERE FOR DROPSHOTS.

We also laugh and call Sage a "rabbit' when she hop, hop, hops through the tall grass. It's good to laugh a lot; the fur kids are good for this.
Keif wasn't too impressed with the park - it was too hot and she didn't think it was all that great. However, we have great faith that one day she will realize how fun it is here, and realize how mommy includes this place as a place that is her 'bliss".
Hangin' out on daddy's back in the Ergo

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