Tuesday, August 28, 2007

busy bees

We are here and alive.
Mommy has been VERY busy at work, unpacking boxes and organizing the desk and trying to put together a classroom, meanwhile the paperwork is untouched as of yet.
Keifer is doing well at daycare - she is so -so in the mood department but getting better.
I still am sick to my stomach and am starting to wonder if its 1) nerves? 2) maybe I"m fighting a bug? or 3) maybe something gallbladder related? My friend Leanne (OT) at work did some Reiki on me today - to try and "open" up my chest and stomach, where all my stress is. She could "feel" something in my gallbladder area and when she pushed on where it is, it gave me some slight pain. So now I"m wondering if that is something I need to be thinking about. Plus, she said I am still hormonal (she could sense) and I had 'something on my mind". Yep, I have the whole "I want to stay home with my baby" on my mind. I have her on my mind 99% of the day.
I have some great pictures from the weekend to post on here - of Keif with her Papa and Nana Marge, and a great new cousins picture, but will do that tomorrow or the next day. I need to eat and try to UNWIND after a crazy day.
Hugs to you.

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