Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summer fun with family

Last week, we traveled up to my hometown for CJ's annual hockey alumni golf reunion - and it's been one year since his Hockey Hall of Fame induction. Wow, one year ago, we were waiting with baited breath, wondering if we were PG. Hard to believe how fast time goes by.

We got to my parents house late Wednesday night - and we knew we were in for it when Keifer refused to nap All. Day. Long. *oye*. She also refused to sleep on the car ride up, and when we got to their house, she proceeded to scream bloody murder for over an hour (due to being overly tired). Not fun.

Thursday, we dropped Daddy (CJ) off at his hotel for his weekend of festivities, and then Nana, Mommy, and Keifer visited Great-Grandma Gina and Papa, who just loved her to pieces. As always, Keifer took her "poop" while visiting (she seems to do this whenever we are visiting them, LOL), and then we came home for a long visit from my Auntie Barb and our Goddaughter (my cousin's daughter) Aubrie (who is now 2).

Aubrie is INFATUATED with Keifer. She is literally obsessed with anything and everything that is Keifer related - or in her words: Baby "Keeser". It is so adorable to watch. She loves to kiss Keifer like there's no tomorrow, and was so cute to watch trying to share her toys with Keifer. Keifer just looks at her with wonder, and wonders why this chatty, wriggly, beautiful girl is always kissing on her and shoving toys in her face. Hee hee. When Keifer took a nap, Aubrie had to stand and watch her sleep and it was sad to say goodbye to baby Keifer.

Friday, my mom and I went to see the fifth Harry Potter movie, while Papa Dale babysat Keifer. Luckily, she was perfect for him, and they played hard for a few hours. Then, mama went to dinner with some good friends of hers that night while Nana and Papa got more time in babysitting.

Saturday, Keifer finally adjusted to sleeping in a new crib and slept beautifully through the night. We all visited Great-Grandma Hanson and Great-Auntie Jeanne, and Keifer showed off her new talking skills, and let her Great-Auntie Jeanne feed her a bottle. Then she went on a road trip up to Mommy's friend's family cabin, and met some new boyfriends (my friend's new nephew Max, who is 2 weeks younger than her). We got back to Nana and Papa's and Daddy was there, resting. We packed up the car, and we all came home, sad to say goodbye to Nana and Papa.

"Cool" Aubrie with her shades that her Uncle fixed for her

Kisses, kisses, kisses for her favorite baby "Keeser"

Ohh, my thumb, sweet thumb.... Tboy taking a much deserved break (after baby duty with Aubrie around) Nana Dian with her favorite girl
Meeting another boyfriend, Max, and his grandma Dar Happy to be home again

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