Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Lately, I keep seeing ads and VH1 specials for Hairspray, the movie that is coming out in a few weeks.
Now, I can recall YEARS ago watching the original John Water's version of this movie, and for the life of me, I can't remember much about it, other than Ricki Lake was in it and it made her a household name.
Now, seeing all the commercials on this movie, I am literally BURSTING with excitement to see this movie! Being the movie buff that I am, its unusual lately to get me too hyped up about a movie- as there have been a lot of duds in the past few years. But this one looks different. It looks fun - lots of costumes, big hair!, dancing, singing and a good message - about acceptance of people who are 'different'. Right up my alley. I can't wait to see it!

And speaking of HAIR.......

If I would've known just HOW much hair I would be losing on a daily basis after being PG, I would have seriously started collecting it in a large bag. I would do this because I honestly could have made a wig or two out of all the damn hair I have lost in the past few months. It seriously grossed me out. Like, I want to almost vomit at the sight of the AMOUNT of hair that I am losing.

First, I wash my hair: when rinsing the soap out, I'll run my finger through the wet hair and produce CLUMPS of hair. Then, combing the wet hair out: again, more clumps by running fingers through the hair, as well as off the comb. Then, putting product in usually gets me a few more fist fulls. Finally, stying the hair. I go around the bathroom wiping up buckets of hair after each styling session, and throughout the day, I stop to clean the hairs off my clothing. It is literally disgusting (have you caught on that I'm grossed out by this? LOL). I just hope that the hair loss stops pretty soon, because begin that I have such fine, limp hair to begin with, I cant' afford to lose much more! HA!


Piccinigirl said...

I want to see Hairspray too...we just saw the "show" at our local theatre with the road show and it was really good. I am excited to see how the movie does it.

OH I am sorry about your hair, that's not fun at all. plus you're SCARING me...I have really fine hair too, I thought I'd get more volume and body out of all this. HA

hope it stops soon sweetie.
Kisses to Keifer.

Carrie said...

oh honey!
I LOVED being PG - my hair was thick and full of growth! LOVED IT!
The hormones cause many people to lose some hair after birth -poop, cuz I am one of them! :(


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