Monday, July 23, 2007

Go Go, Keifer!

Our little angel girl has been sleeping at home for up to 11 hours in a stretch! Yahoo! And we didn't do a thing to get her to do this! We are so excited - especially her mommy, who lives for sleep! *hee hee*. And, the next best thing is, when she wakes up , alot of the time, she'll drink her bottle and fall asleep AGAIN for an hour or two! *Hallelujiah*

She didn't do too well sleeping at her Nana and Papa's the last few days (pics to come), but she did great once we got home.

Please pray she does well on our upcoming trip - we leave in 2 days for Tahoe and then we're flying up to visit our egg angel, Mooshie, and her family. To say we are excited is an understatement! I have a PILE of Keif's clothes in her room on the floor - I may as well pack everything she fits into!
Here is a picture from this weekend of our Goddaughter (my cousin's 2 year old) Aubrie watching baby "Keiser" sleeping............

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