Monday, July 09, 2007

Out-of-town Family Fun

Last week, the days preceding the Fourth of July, CJ and I packed up the Envoy and headed up to his parents in Grand Forks. It was a long drive, with 2 pit stops to change and feed our angel girl, but it went very quickly and we are so proud of how WELL she did!
We had such a fun time - and the time, it went by SO fast!

We stopped in Fargo on our way up to visit CJ's uncle and aunt, but only Carol Beth was home (Kermit was at their cabin).....and boy, did Great-Auntie Beth love on our little girl! She barely looked at CJ and I as we entered; it was all about Keifer and Keifer sure loved her! *big smiles* The fur kids also enjoyed the pit stop, as they had their noses stuck to the ground for the entire 45 minutes we were there, becoming mini-hoover vacuum cleaners! LOL.
Then we got to CJ's parents, where Keifer was eagerly anticipated. We had a great time - it was very relaxing. We spent Monday hanging out, and Nana's good friends came over to see our girl. We got a great dropshot video clip of them chatting away - Keifer is trying to join in!
We had a fish fry Monday night, and Tuesday CJ and enjoyed a date afternoon at the movies-where we laughed ourselves silly at "Knocked Up",and did a few errands. That night, we had dinner out, and CJ enjoyed the rest of his evening visiting with some old high school friends while mommy stayed back with Keifer and the fur kids - who were traumatized by all the fireworks shooting off.
We got home the evening of the Fourth, just in time to watch our city's display of fireworks right outside our window -we get to sit on our couch and not worry about bugs! LOL.
napping in Nana's bed - we were watching the View & daddy got mad (LOL)
Nana likes the pouch, too! Meeting Nana's pals Great-Auntie Beth
Taking a bath in Nana's sink!

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