Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy 3 months old, Keifer Lynn!

Here we go, watch out people: my mama got camera happy!
Watch how my face gets COVERED in drool!
Nice drool,eh?

I try to eat everything!
Long & lean
Sage? What are you doing in MY photo shoot?
Keifer is doing so good - she "talks" all the time - and often barely moves her mouth - I said she's be a good ventriloquist! (LOL)
She is really strong when she kicks and I swear she'll be rolling from back to tummy very soon - her right leg is her 'kick start the cycle" leg!
She loves to put her fists in her mouth and eat her bibs - the bibs we have to wear constantly because she is a drool machine.

She is becoming very aware of the dogs - especially Sager -well, Sage is always in her face! She stops and just stares and them and was starting to smile at Treble the other day (her silent protector).

Yesterday, the dogs were howling at some random person walking down the road - and Keifer stopped eating, turned her head towards them and started making this high-pitched squealing sound - was she trying to howl with her fur siblings? LOL.
When we have the TV on - she is entranced by it (UH OH!) CJ Likes to say she's watching the MN Twins with him!
She really listens to voices and when she heard her Papa cough down the hall and out of sight - she completely turned her head towards his cough to look.

Our girl is LONG - her legs seem to stretch forever and her 3-6 month clothes barely fit!
She is sleeping in long stretches at night - thank goodness - goes down around 7-9, is up once about 6-7 hours later to feed, then goes back to sleep for another 4 or so hours.

Our girl K is an eating machine~! She will eat around 4-6 ounces every 2-3 hours on the dot - she is a very happy, chilled-out baby unless she is hungry or tired.

I think I've found a babysitter across the street - she is 13, has taken the classes and has babysat before - I took K over to visit with her and her mom (who is a Peds nurse) last night -so mommy can maybe go to the gym while K is sleeping and not bring her? Our gym does offer child care for children ages 3 months and up - so I will try to do that, but sometimes I may just want her to stay home with her comfortable surroundings. (*plus mama is nervous*).


Emilie said...

Oh, what a beautiful baby! She's getting so much older looking - not a newborn anymore, eh?

Kristine said...

such a doll! such a doll! carrie, you have a little heartbreaker on your hands! she is so adroable!


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