Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July ~~ 2007

Hope you had a happy and safe Fourth of July!! We spent the last 3 1/2 days in Grand Forks, visiting CJ's parents - Nana and Papa! Nana had the best time taking care of our girl -she was an excellent babysitter so mommy and daddy could take some breaks and actually go out on a date! (and see "Knocked Up", which was really good and made both mommy and daddy tear up at the end because of the whole baby thing, and the love.........).

We are home and will upload more pictures and stories about Keifer's Grand Forks adventures. Let's just say - we have an angel girl on our hands (knock on wood!). She is the best baby! And Treble and Sage also had a ball - except for the whole fireworks thing. They are currently both shut up in our closet, hiding under blankets after being traumatized by all the fireworks going off (and this is AFTER we gave them their vet-prescribed anti-anxiety medication. Poor fur kids).


Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures :) You have a real cutie on your hands.


Kristine said...

what a cutie. she looks so happy - and patriotic!

April-C-A said...

She's a little fire-cracker in that outfit. Watch out boys!


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