Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Who is that baby in the mirror?

Keifer has started to become more aware of "that other baby" in the mirror: you can totally see her wheels turning in her head as she looks and 'chats' to the other baby - and in her car seat, she is really trying to figure out how that baby got in the back of her car to peek at her! LOL. She is JUST starting to blow a few raspberries with her drooly lips and is as fun as ever.

At work, we have a song we sing (with an empty picture frame) that goes:

Looking in the window,who do I see?
I see (child's name),
looking at me!

So with the mirrors, I like to sing to Keifer : looking in the MIRROR, who do I see? I see KEIFER LYNN looking at me!
I've added a PERMANENT link to our dropshot video clips on the side -----> so you can find them any ol' time. Enjoy!
Big girl chatting to herself in the mirror:
Enjoy watching it yourself

My first parade: boy, was it HOT OUT! I didn't last long. Here I am with Dad, Uncle Corey, and cousin Abby I LOVE my mobile & I especially seem to look at the blue dog: is that because of my innate love for puppies?


Sara said...

I was watching some of your dropshots and Sophia was going crazy, smiling and waving at Keifer! It was very cute. You have a beautiful daughter. And I love how her little personality is starting to come out :-)

Kristine said...

Yes, Carrie, Graycen also LOVES Keifer. She gets excited and waves and smiles at her videos. It's too cute!

April-C-A said...

I love seeing what Keifer is up to. (And how big she's getting) My son Wyatt is about a month behind her and it gives me things to look forward to!

Piccinigirl said...

OMG, she is so beautiful, she gets cuter every single time I see new pics of her. I love that one of her in the mirror. It's no wonder you're so in LOVE with her.


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