Saturday, August 04, 2007

We're home!

Yes, it's true - we are HOME, SWEEET, HOME!

We arrived home Thursday afternoon, all in a state of exhaustion. The puppies were still at my parents house, and we had the afternoon to unpack, start laundry, and start uploading the 300+ pictures and some video clips.

Overall, we had such an excellent trip - Tahoe was awesome! We (I) got to meet so many wonderful distant cousins, and we enjoyed every day in Tahoe to the last second. We were there for 4 nights - all busy, yet relaxed as well, and we were sad to say goodbye to the family and the location.

We flew to Portland, to visit my egg angel, Mooshie, and her family, and spent 2 full days of fun and relaxation with them. We stayed at Mooshie's parents home, and they were the most wonderful hosts ever! We felt so at home at their house.

I'll get the posts going as much as I can - we are still unpacking loads of clothes, and the house is a complete disaster zone right now.

As for Keifer Lynn, she did amazing on our journey. We had a grand total of 5 airplane rides, and a few longer car rides, and she did so wonderfully on each of them. However, on our last leg (flight) from Salt Lake City to home, she had a hard time (lots of crying and fussing from exhaustion). But who could blame her. We were so blessed that she was a wonderful traveler up until then, and she spent every night sleeping in the pack and plays as if she were at home. That was so nice.

I'll get started on the uploading of pics and for some video clips of Keifer in Tahoe and with her 1/3 sissy Maddie and baby bro, Alex, check out the DROPSHOTS link on the side


Hopefully it still works for you all. It changed (Dropshots, that is ) to a new format, which can be a bit confusing at first.

And.....I was able to read and finish Harry Potter while we were in Tahoe. I am a complete book worm, so while Keifer was sleeping at night, and her daddy was out carousing with his cousins, Mommy stayed back and read like a speed demon. I swear, reading Harry is like enjoying an addiction to some good candy! I loved it! I have to admit,there were parts that dragged a bit for me, but overall I was satisfied with the book as a whole. I won't be doing any spoilers here, but I do have to say there were a few spots of almost-confusion, and some unexplained loose ends, but as a whole, it was satisfying, and sad (to say goodbye to this series). (* and it was fun to see ALL the people in the airports, and on the planes, with their thick, heavy Harry books*).

The puppies are home as well. Daddy CJ got to drive and meet Paw-Paw Dale yesterday afternoon, and it was a joyous reunion. They both napped alot yesterday, and Sager seemed a bit out of sorts (sad?) most of the day, but they are happy to be home, and we are all so happy to see them!

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