Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shots are NO fun

Just ask Keifer.
Last night was really rough for her -- seems as though our girl is NOT good with pain *ahem, just like her mama*.
She cried and screamed all night whenever the medicine for pain started to wear off. Mommy and daddy even teared up - because nothing really calmed her down until she fell asleep. All we could do was walk and jiggle her and shhhh in her ear. The poor puppies were heartsick for her. And mommy and daddy both got tears in their eyes listening to their angel scream and cry.

I woke up at 2 when she awoke me with her crying and guess who was sleeping in the rocking chair in her room? (For the first time ever?). Her knight in shining fur - Treble! *awww, what a sweet Tboy*
Luckily, she is a gem this AM and her happy -go-lucky self. She even made it our for a quick shopping expedition with mama! So she is good! And Tboy and Sass are very relieved, as they are sunning themselves off and on out on the deck on "their" towel.


Anonymous said...

Bummer... Bailey has her two month checkup tomorrow and looks like it won't be much fun :( I think they said she has four shots- if we do the rotavirus that is- which I think we are. How many did Keifer get?

Carrie said...

Hi Tara:
we did get 3 shots - 1 in one thigh, and 2 in the other one. The Rotovirus vax for us was in a liquid (swallow) form -she didn't like that, either :(
good luck! I've heard some babies are fine w/them - and the doc had us give her Tylenol before the shots (amount based on her weight) and for every 4 hours for the first 12-24 hours. She is fine today (2 days later) so hopefully Bailey will be,too!

Jonathon said...

Okay, well that's reassuring! Appt is in 2 1/2 hours... and I love her ped, so normally I enjoy seeing how she's growing and all that (yes we've had lots of appts already because of slow weight gain in the beginning) but I have been dreading this one. I will bring some Tylenol in our diaper bag.

-Tara (twolinesonastick) I always seem to be logged in as someone different LOL


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