Wednesday, May 30, 2007

One more for today........

Because I cannot's my girl in the much-talked-about swing - taking her daily 3 hour nap. *sigh* I love her so much. Our little Chunky K.

And...because I feel like he gets the shaft in all my picture AWing (attention whoring), here's our passive, loving, loyal, stoic Treble (aka Tboy) last night -cuddling with his mama. *sigh* I love our boy so much, too! (*excuse the greasy look of mine- it was a humid day and I had a hat on all day!*)

The fur kids were cuddling all close and spooning, and we went to sit Keifer in between their backs, because it really was a framer, but Tboy moved at the last minute. Poop. He gets skittish with too much "baby" around his "dance space". Poor Keifer - every picture of her with Sage, it looks like she's being licked beyond belief. LOL.

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