Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy 1st Father's Day, CJ

CJ had a great first Father's Day - Keifer surprised him with 3 books (so he could read them to her), an insulated travel mug with her picture on it (from Snapfish.com), and a photo collage 'story' that mommy assisted her with - with the pictures from a "photo shoot" that we secretly did while Daddy was at work.

CJ loved his gifts! Then we spent the day hanging out - in the AM with my friend Katie Jo, who was visiting for the previous night (visiting after driving all day back here to visit family & friends), saying goodbye to Papa & Nana (who were here for the weekend) and just chillin' with the fur kids in the afternoon. That evening, Keifer and mommy visited Daddy at softball and Daddy got to show his girl off - proud as a peacock! It was a fun filled, relaxing, happy day for all.

The books that Keifer got daddy were: "Daddy is a Doodlebug", "The Daddy Book" , and "Daddy Loves Me". She especially loves the Todd Parr "Daddy Book" , for all the bright and bold colors. If mommy had a million dollars today - she would spend it all on fun books for her precious angel girl (its called an addiction to children's books!)


Kristine said...

very cute! sounds like you guys had a great day! we also love the todd parr books. We have "The Feelings Book" and "Big and Little" They are just so cute and colorful.

Piccinigirl said...

Oh Happy Father's Day CJ...what a wonderful way to spend that day..with your beautiful daughter. :)


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