Friday, June 15, 2007

Good friends, good times, great kids

I was lucky enough to meet 3 other women at college in my major -Early Childhood Special Education, back at UMD in 1994-96. Kris, Louise, and Michelle. We sat together, studied together, cried together, watched each other get married, have kids, and prayed for each other. We also told people this was "our table" and didn't want anyone to invade upon OUR territory - LOL - well, not really, but we have an inside joke about something to that affect. We still try to schedule time together whenever we can - and now our husbands enjoy each other and as of recently, now our KIDS are beginning to enjoy each other!

I can't tell you how cool and sweet it is to have such awesome friends like these women in my life - knowing they will always be there for you -personally and professionally! They are all mommies now - Louise just had her 3rd girl, Michelle has 3 children, and Kris had baby Anna last year. I'm the latest to join the mommy club, and we had a great day yesterday chatting (we never shut up!) and playing together. Our babies also got to "hang out" and be the "diaper club" together - LOL - because at one point all 3 of us with babies were changing them at the same time, with whining and crying as our music.

Here we are 2 years ago - when the 4 of us ladies stayed overnight at an Embassy Suites for a night (after a day of shopping at the MOA). The hotel had FREE happy hour for 2 hours in the evenings (which is why we stayed there, DUH), and we staked out our table early. Man, did we have fun . (sigh).
And here we were yesterday! ((*and I have to say, I had a really hard night after seeing how damn SKINNY I was in the picture above as compared to my post-baby body today. *sigh**))
And here are our kids - the "2nd" generation, hanging out in the MN heat. I cannot wait for these kids to grow up together! *poor Jerry, he's the only boy in the sea of girls! LOL. Now its up to Kris and I to hopefully give him a little BOY to bond with someday........if we're lucky!*
Miss K. in her "Island Girl" outfit, being held so carefully by Allison (*who will be our future babysitter, because she is SO good at it already!*)
Miss K. meets Miss Avery for the first time - yeah, Avery is 6 months old, K. is 2 months old. Ya'll think I have a BAB on my hands? *Big Ass baby* Hee hee.

Avery was saying "where's your hair, girl,I wanna pull it!"

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Jennifer Prince said...

Looks like you guys (or gals) had a great time! Love K's lil outfit!


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