Friday, May 04, 2007

"K" is for Keifer!

"K" is for Keifer, and she's sweet enough for me!
Oh - Keifer Keifer Keifer starts with K!!!!
THANK YOU to my pal in sunny California - Jen and her gorgeous daughter, Addison, for this adorable "K is for Keifer" shirt, Keifer blanket and the book, "My Little Miracle" *insert tears of sweetness here*
I met Jen online on a trying to conceive message board, and then last March (2006) I was lucky enough to meet her when I visited a mutual friend of ours (also an online buddy) -- and Jen was just waiting to find out if she was PG or not! She was! And then 4 months later, I was lucky enough to get my BFP with Keifer! Hopefully, Jen, Addison, Keifer and I will have a mini-reunion of some sort someday in the future!
We've also continued to receive cards, gifts, and gift cards from generous family and friends from all over - as I've said before, it's literally overwhelming to feel the love this little girl is receiving! It is amazing! Just today, she received 4 outfits from another online friend, and my friend Kris and her daughter, Anna (who will be 1 years old next week!), visited and brought more gifts! Amazing, I swear! Kris and I went to college together and it was so fun to chat about our careers, which is working with early childhood special education children, as related to the development of our own children. We also enjoyed a lunch out with our girls (Mexican and my tortilla soup, of course! LOL), and Kris was sweet enough to bring us another new book, milk bones for the fur kids!, cookies (yum), onesies for Keif, and a homemade blanket with taggies!

Here is our attempt at getting a picture of our growing girls; Anna apparently misses her own Baby Einstein activity mat! So she crawled under ours and enjoyed it with Keifer!

This week was also fun - Keifer and I attempted our first solo shopping for shoes expedition - to Herberger's. Mommy got two new pair of sandals, as my feet seem to have mysteriously grown since PG (ha ha), and Keifer had her first department store meltdown while mommy sweated it out. Turns out poopy pants and hunger will do that to a girl. We then met my friend Julie at Red Lobster, where even the younger waiter was swooning over our pretty girl. It was interesting - the waiter pointed out how HAPPY I looked (which I've heard from several people). I guess motherhood is agreeing with me and its apparent on my face how head over heels in love I am with my cherished girl.
Yesterday, Keif, daddy, mommy and our new Ergo carrier (with infant insert) made a trip to the Science Museum, and then helped our volunteer group at church decorate for the annual carnival. Keifer got more gifts and love and we were so happy to share her with members of our church family.
Now, this weekend, CJ's parents are visiting so I better get off the blog now and get crackin' on that lasagna that we're putting in the oven! YUM!

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Kristine said...

darling darling darling! that's what keifer is!!! :)


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