Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fur Love

Now that Keifer is more alert, she is MUCH more interested in the fur kids -- when they come near her, her eyes are immediately drawn to them, and you can see the wheels in her head turning, trying to figure them out. Sage continues to attempt to smother poor Chunky K., while Treble keeps his distance and PRETENDS to not care. However, if he feels that Sage is getting too wild around Keifer, he'll run interference and tackle Sage, or when Keifer makes any type of squeaky cry, Tboy is the first one at our side to check her out. Both fur kids have a REAL big interest when she is doing her business (aka pooping, LOL). I'm sure they're still trying to figure out what the heck this alien thing that makes all these weird sounds and produces all these interesting aromas is. They are really comfortable with the stroller on our walks as well - and I've become quite adept at maneuvering the stroller with one hand, while holding the dog leashes in the other, all the while doing my pirouette turns when the leash lines become tangled. I can't wait until Keifer is older - CJ and I like to joke that her first words will be, "No, no, Sass!" - just like her cousin Mason (he likes to tell Sassy Sage, "No, Sass!").

Our two favorite girls, hanging out together, doing their favorite activities

Keifer has newly discovered Treble - she's checking him out a LOT!

And just because, a goofy pic of our silly Sassy Sager spread eagled on her Papa


Kerry said...

Love, love, LOVE the furbaby and Miss K pics. Our 3 little weiner dogs are the same way. Sweet Pea, our toothless wonder loves to be with them and seeks out their dirty onesies to carry around in her mouth. It melts my heart. K is lucky to have furbabies to grow up with.

Kristine said...

Those pups sure love Miss K a lot!


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