Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What did I do my first Mother's Day?

Keifer says "ohhh, it was my mommy's first Mother's Day - an event that she was honored and ever-so-grateful to experience!".

Wow; what a great weekend we had! My parents came down Saturday and we enjoyed a dinner out at the Roadhouse - where we all stared at Miss K. until she fussed. LOL. Then my mom and I went downtown to see "Champions on Ice" skating show - it was so fun! Pure entertainment, we both really enjoyed it.

Mother's Day morning, I was able to sleep in! YAY! Then I woke up, and came downstairs to a vase of beautiful yellow tulips (my favorite flower), and CJ had 2 cards for me: one from the fur kids and one from Miss K. His gift to me was a spa package! WHOA! I get to experience a 4 hour luxury afternoon getting a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure! WHOA WHOA! It is also my birthday present and gift for having Keifer. Wow. Talk about being blown away. Then, my parents also had a gift - a 14K gold mother/child pendant necklace. It's beautiful and I can hardly believe I get to wear one!

That afternoon, after my parents left for home, CJ and I packed up and hit an outlet mall so mommy could buy some new summer clothes that don't involve a maternity panel! I was able to find a pair of jeans, capris, and shorts that actually button and zip!YAY! And a ton of shirts and tanks (at Old Navy outlet, cheap and cute!) and at the Gap outlet (where I got to burn through a gift card!). I was so relieved to come home and actually have options of something to wear instead of my maternity clothes. I've lost 30 pounds, but the last 15 are a bugger and I haven't been able to do much more than walk yet.

I'll be MIA for a few more days- it's been a whirlwind lately. Yesterday, I took Keif to meet one of my class of boys at work, and two of the moms. Then we had pie for "lunch dessert" at my workplace in honor of my birthday on Thursday. *sigh, so sweet*. Last night I had a massage already scheduled, and it was pure heaven on earth. Oye, did I need it. My back is a mess.
This AM, I had my hair cut and colored, and did a little clearance shopping for a pair of jeans for my miss K. and tonight I have a class at school/work; it'll be my last one for the year.

Tomorrow I leave in the AM for Duluth and will be up there until Saturday. So that's my story and if you need to get a hold of me - CALL! :)

Abby carried my "baby doll" in my sling, and took care of her because her mom wouldn't share Keifer with her! LOL

Abby & Uncle love on Keifer

Big cousin is still very much in love with her baby cousin


Piccinigirl said...

oh what a great Mother's Day you had. I am so glad. Love the pics!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting to see some new pics of cutie Keifer :)


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