Monday, May 21, 2007

Keifer had her first out of town visit!

Keifer and I arrived home on Saturday afternoon, with the fur kids in tow. She did wonderful on the drive to and from my parents house - she slept the entire time, and woke up both ways with only 5 minutes left in the drive.
She got to meet her extended family and when you say "manhandled", well, she was! Literally! She got to meet MY Papa and Grandma on Wednesday, and they were both thrilled to pieces to meet her. My Papa actually sang to her in Polish (dropshots to come later), and was talking and cooing to her until she got fussy. Thursday was my birthday, and she got to meet some more friends - including Miss Holland, whom I'll make another post on soon! We went out to eat at my favorite place, and then came back home to have a "cake and ice cream/meet Keifer party". It was so much fun and she was passed around like crazy.

I think the highlight was watching CJ and I's goddaugher - my cousin's daughter Aubrie - meet Keifer. From the minute she walked in the front door, all she could think about was "baby baby baby!". She wanted to help swing the baby, help read to the baby (holding the book up for her to look at all the pages), help wipe the baby's bottom (because she wipes her own dollies bottoms!), and kiss her. She also tried lifting Keifer up, but we put the kibosh on that! LOL.
Friday was a bit more relaxing, we only met one of mommy's friends that day - and then we took a sweaty walk with the furkids. We came back home Saturday AM and boy, was Daddy overjoyed to see us all again - especially Keif!

All sweaty under my hat in the Ergo carrier
Aubrie has a blast meeting KeiferHelping wipe the baby bottom-- "Baby POOP, baby POOP!"
Well, hello you red thing! Who is THIS? ELMO??Mommy's favorite: 2 paws and 2 feet: best pals!
meeting my great-grandpa for the 1st time and great-grandma Gina
4 generations
meeting my other great-grandma
guess what? I smile & coo a LOT now!
big blue eyes, like my daddy!
thanks for looking!


Courtney said...

She is adorable:)

LutherLiz said...

That girl is cute and she knows how to use it! :)


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