Wednesday, May 30, 2007

7 weeks old!

Yesterday, Keifer turned 7 weeks old (*if you go by weeks and not the actual date*). It is unbelievable to me just how fast the time is going. We spend our days getting up, (mommy is usually blurry-eyed from the early AM feeding), eating/feeding, changing diapers, going for a walk around the loop with our fur siblings before it gets too hot, swinging, swinging swinging. Yes, lots of swinging, since our little angel just doesn't like to nap in her crib during the day- she only naps for about 30 minutes tops at any given nap time if placed in there. *sigh*. Of course, that is usually when mommy tries to sneak in another nap as well, only to get about 10 minutes of that deep sleep, enough to make wrinkles on her face, before Keifer's crying gets to be too much. So down to the swing we usually go. One good thing, though, is that Keifer has been (for the last week or so, knock on lots of wood), going to bed around 10ish each night and sleeping until about 4 or 5 AM! I hope this keeps up - as our attempts at getting her on a Babywise-type 3 hour schedule (wake up, eat, play, sleep) have been trying and not going over so well. If she can start sleeping at night on her own, well then, all the power to her, as her mommy craves sleep all the time! The more, the better.
Our girl is a happy girl. She smiles every morning at daddy and mommy - and seems to really have a thing for her daddy. His funny faces and sweet cooings to her apparently have won her heart over. However, when daddy is holding her and she hears her mommy's voice, she will stop and look and listen for mommy. She cooes and "talks" all the time, usually when she's eating (*it sounds like she's saying, 'yeah, yeah'*), but especially when she is on her activity mat, looking up at her star that lights up and makes music. I call that star "Mr. Star man" because there is a smiley face on it *hee hee*. I try to sing to her as much as possible, and to read to her from her already-huge pile of books (that I cannot stop buying). I know sometimes she will listen to me or actually look at the pages, so I'm hoping that the text will sink into her little brain and get her brain neurons firing and she'll innately want to devour books as much as her mommy does (*although mommy hasn't done that in awhile, sniff sniff*). Sassy Sage continues to try and kiss our sweet girl whenever she thinks she can- especially after a particularly messy feeding -which I try to stop, of course. I'm scared that somehow she might suffocate her with all the licks! However, if our Chunky K. happens to spit up on her mat after an enduring tummy time session, I will call the fur siblings over to quickly clean it up before it soaks in (they are great cleaners!). Yes, the tummy time. She has a love/hate relationship with tummy time. She is obviously getting so much stronger each and every day, and clearly LOVES to be able to be higher and see more things, but that tummy time wears her out. Hee hee. Mommy is a task master - I make sure she tries to get on her tummy at least 2-3 times a day.

Silly Sasser
Mr. Star man, you're so funny!
Working very hard *grunt grunt* on being a strong girl

Keifer's Papa and Nana are coming down today to babysit for mama tomorrow - so mama can go into work and start packing up some stuff to be moved back to her classroom (we're moving again after a brief 2 year stint in another school while they remodeled our classrooms). Nana is on the edge, ready to fly down here now, I think. I know they'll be in awe at how BIG our girl is getting! Its always a sad goodbye when any of the grandparents leave, as they live a few hours away.

Sass wants to know what the fuss is about on this thing

Snoozing after a social day on Auntie Jilly

Get these things OFF ME! *wail*


TulipGrrl said...

She's SO cute!

Kristine said...

time flies - she is a doll though!


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